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Learning How To Code – BunnyBounce Game

Hour of Coding Certificate

When Katia told my class last week that for our next blog we needed to code something I felt overwhelmed. When I think of coding I think of the html code used for websites and blogs. The numbers and letters that are behind the screen that you see. I have had one experience with coding that ended up saving my entire USB. I was trying to do an assignment for school when my USB would not work and a box kept popping up saying, “USB unreadable or corrupted.” I went into panic mode because my entire university career was on that USB. After a meltdown, my cousin watched a YouTube video, which taught her how to recover my USB with html coding. After I felt like a hacker and it was nice to learn how computers work.

I decided to use the website mostly because I felt that I would be could do an hour of coding. This helped me feel less overwhelmed and allowed me to learn how to use coding in a fun creative way. gives students several different options to chose from for their hour of coding. I chose to code my own Flappy Game that eventually turned into my very own BunnyBounce Game. Once clicking on the game an introduction video pop us explain what coding is and how to use coding. I found this very helpful and it pointed me in the right direction before I even began.

I passed through the ten steps fairly quickly and it didn’t take me a full hour to make my BunnyBounce game. Next thing I knew I had finished and downloaded the game onto my IPhone. I obtained a certificate of completion for successfully completing an hour of coding.

Behind the Game: 

In the picture captioned “Behind BunnyBounce Game you can see the coding that I put into the game to create it. I had a lot of fun making and playing it. Feel free to click on the link and play. See how high of a score you can get!

Behind BunnyBounce Game