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Where To Go Next? – Update on my #LearningProject

Good afternoon!

This week for my #ASL #LearningProject I’ve decided to take it easy and do part two of Sign Language 101, “Lesson 8 – Verbs & Directions.” I already mastered part one, which showed my progress with verbs. Now, I’ve decided to finish the video and learn directions and show my progress.

Learning directions was a little more difficult than I expected it to be. Verbs contained simple gestures and body language, whereas directions were harder to master. I also think that they were more difficult to learn because there were so many different directions to learn; whereas, the verbs there were less to learn.

NEXT WEEK: I want to find new motivation for where I want to go next.


6 thoughts on “Where To Go Next? – Update on my #LearningProject

  1. Rebecca,
    I love your dedication to your learning project and your always growing ability to work through each part or challenge with a smile. Each new addition to this project has shown your resilience and that you are willing to grow each step of the way.
    Like I said on Twitter I think that there are a variety of ways you can continue growing on your learning project; especially with connecting it to the classroom and your students. I am very much looking forward to your blog that shares what you have taught your sister! It is a great thing when we can share what we learn or know to someone else; transfer of knowledge is fantastic since we are teachers!!
    Sometimes slowing down and going back to the basics continues to get us growing and making sure we are knowledgeable on the bottom ideas that we can grow upon. This allows us to continue being students in our own abilities and making sure that we don’t lose the small skills that are very important.
    Continue working hard! I am very excited to see what you come up with next and what motivates you…


  2. Rebecca, this is great. I also did ASL as my learning project and I am no where near where you are in this project. You are doing great, and I really hope you find your next step. If I could do my learning project all over again I would outline everything I wanted to learn before I even started… Each week I would have had something that I would have been learning. Great work!


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