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“Every Day is a New Day” – Update on my #Learning Project

Another week has gone by and I have officially learned the days of the week and the months of the year. I started off by learning how to sign my name, then the alphabet, and then number 1-20. Last week I decided that it was time to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.

I found that once I wanted to become more advanced the apps that I was previously using to learn the basics (the alphabet and numbers 1-20) just weren’t helpful anymore. I needed to switch to more useful resources such as YouTube. When searching how to sign the days of the week I came across the video, “ASL Days of the Week and Song.” The nice thing about this video is that it is easy to understand and there is a clear explanation of which way your hand is to be positioned and what position your hand should be in.

Learning the days of the week I found easy. I have already mastered the alphabet so the days of the week wasn’t hard for me. See video below for my progress. Although, learning the months of the year was very difficult for me. On YouTube I found the video, “How to Sign Months & January-December – Learn American Sign Language ASL.”  The lady in this video knows how to sign and very well. I chose this video because the first run through shows how fluid you should be able to sign and the second run through slows it down so I am able to get the signing down. See the video below for my progress.

This week has been a battle learning the months of the year, but practice will make perfect. Next week I am going to learn my colours and articles of clothing. I want to find other resources to use online rather than just YouTube videos. I want to do some searching and see what I come up with.

I’ll see you all next week!


4 thoughts on ““Every Day is a New Day” – Update on my #Learning Project

  1. Great work Rebecca!
    Sometimes it truly is all about perseverance and grinding down to work on something that is difficult for us! Working hard and finding new ways to learn is something, we as educators, are impeccable at, so I know that you will continue to do this and grow! I love that you are tracking your progress through videos and demonstrating the new skills that you are learning. These videos could be used for future learning by other students which is something incredible to think about, so thank you for sharing them.
    I did some searching for you and I think this website could be really beneficial for your learning,, it has a variety of videos that are labeled by lesson and seem to be really helpful!
    I hope that you can continue growing your learning and finding ways to build up your learning portfolio. Keep up the awesome practice!


    1. Thank you Cassidy! I will take a look at the resource you have provided for me!

      I am very much a visual learner, so I thought tracking my progress through video was one of the ways for others to view my progress and become involved.


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