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“ABC it’s Easy as 1-2-3” – First Update for My #LearningProject

Good afternoon everyone!

Well, here we are! Last week I decided on what I was going to do for my #LearningProject, which lead me to begin learning ASL (American Sign Language). I had already made progress last week by learning basic phrases such as how to introduce myself, and communicate how I was doing. This week I wanted to become fluid with my alphabet gestures and attempt to tackle numbers from 1-20. I must say, practice makes perfect and its not as easy as it seems.

To learn the alphabet, and numbers 1-10 I have been using apps  from the App Store such as “ASL”, “SignSchool”, but mostly “The ASL App.” These apps give me pictures and videos to help me see what each letter or number looks like. On the app “The ASL App” I am able to slow down each gesture by clicking on the turtle. This helps me grasp the concept then be able to become more fluid by following the instructor. In order to learn numbers 11-20 I looked to other resources such as YouTube and found a video called, “ASL Numbers 11-20 in Sign Language – Learn how to Sign Numbers.” This video gives you the gestures in which your hand is supposed to be placed then gives you the chance to repeat to make sure you have the gesture down.

This video shows my progress..

As you can see I am still working on becoming faster and being able to transition between each letter and number. I have realized that signing takes time and there are a lot of things to be conscious of while signing. For example, the hand that you are not signing with has to be in a certain position and the way your hand you are signing with has to be facing, either palm out or back of hand out. This can change the context in which you are speaking. I want to continue learning the basics, so next week I plan to learn the days of the week, and the months of the year.

Wish me luck! (:


8 thoughts on ““ABC it’s Easy as 1-2-3” – First Update for My #LearningProject

  1. Hey Rebecca! I am also learning ASL for my #LearningProject. This week I learned the alphabet and next I will be learning the numbers! I liked your post and it gave me some assistance and insight on learning to sign the numbers! I like that you linked your resources that you used to learn the letters and numbers, as I can easily click and add it to my repertoire 🙂 Lastly, I never knew about the opposing hand position that you do not use to sign, this was very good to know and interesting! Thanks for the informative post!


    1. Hey Manuela! I am happy to hear that my #LearningProject is not just showing how far I’ve come, but helping others as well. Honestly, I can’t take the credit for the positioning of the other hand @kaycihenderson showed me that as she is also doing #ASL! I am excited to see how the numbers come along for you. Best of luck! (:


  2. Wow, that is awesome to see such a progression in your learning project! You are doing really well and I love that you are setting reachable goals for each week of your project. Do you have a major goal that you are looking at achieving?
    You look like you are really getting the hang of the ASL language and you look very confident in your movements. It is intriguing to know all of the applicable consequences and rules of the language and how important even the way your hand faces. Good on you for learning those complex ideas.
    If you are looking for an ASL website to work on these new goals of yours:
    Best of luck!


    1. Wow, by the looks of it everyone who is doing ASL really got some good advice and resources from yourself. I too am doing ASL and downloaded a few of the apps that you suggested, and also thought starting at the basics is important, only after seeing your post! I am trying to tag you in my post as I used your video to help along side other videos as well! Thanks for your tips and I look forward to learning more ASL, good luck!


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